Adjusted dates due to COVID-19

Monday 30 Mar 20

Dear NRLs,

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we have revised the dates for the PTs in 2020.

Proficiency tests

This year we plan to organise three PTs; one covering feed and two covering food. We have decided to postpone EURL-MN PT-2020-01 to after the summer, whereas EURL-MN PT-2020 PT-02 will be conducted before the summer as previously planned.

The PTs are open for participation for all NRLs. The PTs and important dates are (all 2020):


Registration opens

Registration deadline

Shipment of samples

Submission of results deadline

EURL-MN PT-2020-01

Fresh frozen fish

As, iAs*, Cd, Pb, Hg and MeHg*

June 15

July 6

August 24

September 24

EURL-MN PT-2020-02

Cocoa product

Cd, Pb, Ni, Al*, Cu*

April 15

May 6

June 2

July 2

EURL-MN PT-2020-03

Fish meal feed

As, iAs, Cd, Pb, Hg, MeHg*, NO2- and NO3-*

June 15

July 6

August 24

September 24



The 3rd annual EURL-MN Workshop will be held in Copenhagen, October 28-29 2020, as announced earlier this year. Invitations and further information will be sent in June.

Training – determination of nitrite and nitrate

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the planned hands-on laboratory training in nitrite and nitrate determination planned to take place at DTU on June 17-18 2020 is currently put on hold. We will evaluate the situation in the beginning of May and inform you whether plans will be kept or revised.



Kind regards,

Jens J. Sloth

Director of EURL-MN